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About Us: Learning Environments

Our learning environments are carefully designed to spark a love of learning while nurturing each child's social, mental, and physical needs.

The Montessori Room

The Montessori Room is a quiet area with shelves of unique 3-dimensional materials in language, math, geography, and science. These activities ignite the child's attention, creative thinking, and memory.  As prescribed by the Montessori Method, many different objects teach the same concepts to accommodate different learning styles.

The Kinder Room

The Kinder Room is the center of shared social activity and resembles a traditional kindergarten environment. Montessori materials are available here, as well as activities in pouring, sorting, dividing, matching, copying, tracing, drawing, and painting. Three easels and individual art materials expand each child's choice for creative exploration.

The Activity Room

The Activity Room houses a climber and slide, balance beams, basketball hoop, costume corner, and other physical games which support each child’s need for movement. Together with dedicated outdoor recess time, children learn the joy and value of exercise, teamwork, and social interaction.

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor activities include a track for scooters and three-wheelers, a climber-slide, large trampoline, pitching net, sandbox, parachute, group games, swimming pool, and other seasonal activities.

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