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About Us: Parent Testimonials

KinderRead Montessori

We were extremely pleased with this program & the results we have seen in both Alyssa & Joshua. (The teacher) instilled a true love of learning in our kids.  We don't think our children are "gifted," but their level of reading makes it appear as if they are.  Alyssa's reading "scores" are in the 90's, versus the rest of her classmates...Minnetonka 1st graders - averaging in the 70's. We feel this reading ability is due to (the teacher's) program! (Joshua) is so excited about reading his "Bob" books...he can't get enough of them. We have one other child (one year-old) and we have recently moved to Maple Plain...but...we will strongly consider driving 20 miles so he can "reap the benefits" of this program.


Dustin was the youngest in his class, yet was tested for the High Potential program and is in the top 7% of his class nationally.  We attribute this in large part to KinderRead Montessori.


..Jordan...was quite young, which concerned us.  Jordan was so eager to join in with the older kids that our concern quickly dissipated.  The older children loved to teach him...We quickly saw how much Jordan was learning during our regular conferences on the video taped sessions.  It was remarkable!

KinderRead...demonstrated excellent results in (the) developmental progress of our children. Our daughter, Emily, who barely knew the ABC's before she entered the program, can read simple words now.  Our son, Daniel, who is only two and a half years old, is ready to read by himself too. Overall I would give a perfect score to the program.

Both of our boys have a strong desire to learn that I attribute to your program.  The kids are so very proud when they show or tell us what they've learned that day...I cannot imagine my kids being in a more positive environment.  The kids love it - we love it. 
Thank you for everything!

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