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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Each day, every child receives 1:1 individualized attention as he/she progresses through the KinderRead Reading Program. Using our custom-developed books, children begin the incredible journey of beginning to read.


Mathematical concepts are taught in various formats, depending on each child's age, developmental stage, and proficiency. Often self-directed, each child is encouraged to explore the world of numbers through counting, greater than/less than, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division activities. 


Time is dedicated each day for children to practice writing and penmanship. Through moveable button tracing, letter rubbings, raised sandpaper letters, and other creative methods, children learn to follow correct letter patterns. A different letter is featured each week, providing repetition with different materials and reinforcing the same goals.


Beginning with the United States, and our home state of Minnesota, children learn the names, shapes, and locations of each state. Once mastered, additional continents and countries are introduced.


Most days include dedicated music time where children sing songs, play instruments, or dance. In addition to being a fun way to engage children, we believe music is also a great learning and reinforcement tool. Children learn task-specific songs that help them in daily activities and responsibilities such as the "Wash Your Hands", "Clean-Up', and "Hello Friends" songs.

Arts & Crafts

Each morning begins with a themed group craft project. Children learn about shapes and colors, and use their imaginations to create masterpieces worthy of display on every household refrigerator! Throughout the day, children can also choose from a variety of art supplies, tools, and activities to spark their creativity.

How do we fit it all in? Check out our typical daily schedule here.

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